Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Prayer Tie Van

Thousands of prayer ties have been made and collected over the past few months during workshops and on the fly all over New Haven. Organized by Andria Matthews, cut meticulously by dedicated New Haven dancers and the Festival receptionist Fiona, tied together by volunteers from everywhere, and stored carefully in this van graciously provided to the Radical Prayer project manager by the Festival of Arts & Ideas. This week especially it's been growing in there...

There are masses of them, and I have not come close to reading them all, but I read the ones that fall off occasionally into my lap.
And some of them have been put to excellent use in the Sacred Space dances as they wait their moment in the Festival Grand Finale. This, from Edgerton. 
We are seeking people to carry these hopes and dreams of New Haven in the Festival closing ceremonies. There are thousands and we need lots of carriers! Come to the Fountain on the New Haven Green on Saturday, June 28 at 3:30pm, wearing white, and be part of the Finale from 7-9pm. 

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