Friday, June 13, 2008

making 13,000 prayer ties

We are cutting 13,000 12 inch strips of fabric and tyvek to make the 80 walls of prayer ties for the Grand Finale.

Every willing hand is put to work. Fiona, the Festival receptionist, has cut most of them. She and her desk are often buried in tyvek. 

Fiona and Andria unroll tyvek for more cutting.

The ties are bound into sets of 18 and delivered around New Haven...

...where they are written on with the hopes, dreams, prayers, wishes, and demands of the community....

...and returned to the festival, where they are received with great excitement...

...and tucked into any available corner of the Festival offices, including the Project Manager's desk.

There are lots more prayer ties to be gathered! If you'd like materials for your group, email Linda at for a kit. Or come to our Prayer Tie Tent on the New Haven Green by the Fountain on June 14 & 15, 21 & 22 from 1-5pm. 

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