Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sacred Space: Yale Art School part 2

Starship Dance Theater took to the steps and the sidewalk next. 

Monday, June 30, 2008

Sacred Space: Yale Art School part 1

The Ecuadorian dancers of St Rose of Lima were one of two groups who performed on the steps of 1156 Chapel in the last of the 9 Sacred Space dances on Friday June 27. A crowd gathered on the sidewalk and across the street to watch. Another perfectly beautiful evening. 

Sacred Space: Boot Camp

Mubarakah Ibrahim's Fitness Boot Camp for women woke up the sleepy New Haven Green at 6:30am Wednesday morning under beautiful skies. 

Radical Derby

Tuesday June 24th, at Salperto Rink in East Shore Park. Skaters from CT RollerDurance and CT Roller Derby choreographed to their own recorded stories by Elizabeth Johnson, and an incredible soundtrack by Matt Hubbs. And another miracle of the weather. Photos by Andy Chase.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sacred Space: Women's Table

A dance in honor of the Women's Table at Yale, choreographed by Mary Barnett and Peter DiMuro on Sunday, June 22. The women moved from the grand green yard, up the steps to the patio (where spectators wrote their hopes and dreams in chalk), and ultimately into the fountain itself. It was another gorgeous evening that the weather just barely spared. 

photo Allie Perry

photo Allie Perry

photo Allie Perry

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Parent-Child at Divinity School

The second performance of the Parent-Child Duet was on Sunday morning in the Yale Divinity School courtyard. The spotty weather just held out, miraculously. Pairs of parents and children moved from the chapel steps in playful procession...

...then separated into 4 quadrants behind arched passage ways, as the captivated audience wrote their wishes in chalk, and wandered quietly and reverently to watch each intimate vignette, like a gallery of gently moving paintings. 

The dancers returned together, and inviting the audience to join, moved back up the hill to the water filled millstone, where everyone offered blessings.

Elizabeth Johnson of the Dance Exchange.